The 1000 Words Challenge Has Ended

As of yesterday, 27 August 2016, I “broke the chain” in my 1000 words per day challenge. I of course realized this as I was getting into bed around 22:30 last night. Once I remembered that I didn’t do it, I audibly said “Oh shit!”, realizing that I ended my streak. It was a decent run though.

The 1000 words, in edited/redacted form, will appear here on Tuesdays starting this week.

Begin day: 7 August 2016
End day: 26 August 2016
Total word count: slightly more than 20,000 words
Average time to complete one day’s entry (estimated): 45-50 minutes
Prompts* used: 0

*A sentence that gives a topic and general idea to write about.


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