1000 Words Challenge Recap – 7 August 2016

7 August 2016

I woke up this morning with a slight sinus headache which, coupled with the general exhaustion I’ve been feeling for some time now, forced me to be up an about earlier that I would’ve liked. My alarm clock said 7:35, mocking me. Doesn’t matter that I would love to sleep in much later, six (?) years of waking up at 6:00 every morning for work has set my circadian rhythm to “Get up” at that time.

I rolled out of bed and walked out into the main room of my apartment. The AC hadn’t kicked on yet, so at least it wasn’t already too warm outside. I unplugged my phone, coiled the charging cable, and went back to lay down on my bed to browse Twitter, check YouTube, to delay the start to another mundane Sunday.

With nothing new on Twitter, no emails, no comments to respond to on YouTube, I got up grudgingly. I walked into my bathroom, flipped on the light, and stepped over to the toilet to take a piss. After finishing up, I looked at my reflection in the mirror, and I could see the tiredness in my eyes that I still felt. Sighing, I mechanically brushed by teeth.

I walked back out into my bedroom, grabbing a pair of shorts as I passed through my closet. Putting them on, I put on the pair of socks I left by my desk and went to my dresser to grab a t-shirt that I’d only be wearing for a few hours. After selecting a red t-shirt with a picture for a non-existent tattoo parlor on it, I sat down on the floor to put on my Adidas sneakers, mentally glad that I did buy these new shoes to replace my old and beaten up Vans. I stood up and put on my necklace, put my wallet in my right back pocket, my keys in my front left pocket, and my cell phone in my front right pocket. For a change, I didn’t leave my glasses on my end table, so I put those on too.

I pulled my phone back out and opened my “Comprare” list and began walking through my apartment and writing down what I needed to buy when I went grocery shopping. It only ended up being 11 entries on the list. Satisfied that I had written down everything I needed for the week, I sorted through the pile of coupons on my counter for ones I would or could possibly use.

“$5 off purchase of $50 or more”
“One Free Chewy Granola Bar, 5-8 ct”
“$0.40 off Tai-Pei single-serve meals”

I put those in my front left pocket, and after grabbing my Kindle, went out my front door to go get some breakfast.

In a change in the past month or so, it wasn’t already hot outside. One thing I really didn’t like about North Carolina was that you could get up in the middle of the night and it would be 85° out. I remembered having to sleep with a fan blowing directly on me to sleep comfortably. At least I could drive for a little while with my windows down and sunroof open, until it got too hot with the rising sun.

After locking my apartment, checking that the door was locked, I walked down the stairs and over to my car. With a stroke of luck, I actually had a parking space in front of my building. The only problem with more people moving into my building was that each had a minimum of 2 cars, and depending on when I got home from work or running errands, I would have to park in the spots next to the adjacent building.

After unlocking my car, I used my key to lower all the windows down until they were 2/3rds open. It was a nice morning, so my car wasn’t an oven. I got into my car, put the coupons from my pocket and my Kindle down in the passenger’s seat and swapped my glasses for my sunglasses from its holder by the map lights and sunroof controls. Starting the car, I opened the sunroof, and after buckling my seatbelt turned on both the radio and the internal fans. I put my car into “Reverse” and backed out of my parking space, knowing fully well that I probably wouldn’t be parking here when I got back.

I drove slowly down the line to the left turn, cars and the building to my right, garages to my left. As I passed [Redhead’s] car, I wondered if would see her later today. After making my left turn, I drove straight to the entrance to my apartment complex. After making a right turn, I came to the road my complex was situated off of.

After checking traffic to my left and unnecessarily to my right, I still saw the “Road Closed” barriers on the new road that would change a dead-end one into a connected one. I hoped that they would open it soon, for it would really save some time taking that instead of going the currently long, and only, way to get back to my apartment. I pulled out into nonexistent traffic and drove down to the intersection.

There were a few people out, mostly dog walkers, and a few people getting a morning run in. Seeing that I reminded myself to head out and renew my memberships to my Gym and the Range this afternoon. That, though, would be for later. The first thing I needed to take care of was breakfast.

I made a left and drove through 3 roundabouts to get to where I usually have breakfast, Scrambler Marie’s. Previously, I’ve been going to Bob Evans, but I found their eggs to be lacking flavor. This place also, for less money, gave you more with your meal. Economically, it made more sense.

After being shown to my table and ordering coffee, I perused the menu, even though I always ordered the same thing. I’m a creature of habit with these things, and for the most part I’m not a big fan of pancakes or crepes.


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