1000 Word Challenge Recap – 9 August 2016

9 August 2016

For some reason, this morning went by extremely slowly. I put in for a half-day floating holiday so I could go to my annual eye appointment and not bother having to come back to work afterwards. It was at 14:30, and it seemed idiotic to leave work and then come back to make up time by staying later (which I probably would have dicked around, half-assing it until I could leave).

Anyways, back to the point: the morning was very slow. I slogged through my work, checking Twitter a lot in the process. I did have a big task that needed to be done, but since it would take the better part of a full day, I pushed it back to tomorrow morning to start. I don’t like leaving unfinished things on my desk overnight. While it doesn’t matter that much, it lets me know what I completed on which day.

So my morning was one of “find stuff to do that isn’t too long”. Boring and tedious. Because of my inattention, I almost managed to let a huge error slip through, on I would’ve gotten dinged for. Sloppy of me to not be paying closer attention. My mind was elsewhere. Half-days will do that, it seems.

11:30 rolled around and I went down to the cafeteria to have lunch. I had pot roast with onion gravy, steamed vegetables (green beans, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli), and brown rice that had tomatoes and a little bit of cheese mixed in. I’m not usually the biggest fan of pot roast (since most of the time the unremoved fat makes most pieces inedible to me), but I don’t mind getting it occasionally. I ate with the usual people I eat with from my department, and then went for a 1 mile walk afterwards.

To be honest it probably was too hot outside to walk, even with the sun behind the clouds. I remember immediately after stepping outside to go to sit at a table I muttered “humidita” in Italian. While it doesn’t get as humid as Buffalo does during the summer, Columbus makes up for the lower humidity with a much higher temperature. I likened it, when explaining to my parents and friends back home, to opening an oven.

July and August are the worst here, especially when driving. Growing up in Western New York, there’s always a breeze coming off of the lake. While this does raise the humidity, it has a significant cooling effect. One could drive around town with your windows down and be comfortable, even if it was 88° out. Or, as my brother called it, the “four by fifty-five air conditioner”. This refers to your windows being down in your car and driving 55 mph.

As a result of my walk, I was sweaty. Instead of sitting down in my office and being uncomfortable, I went to the best place on my floor to cool off: the men’s bathroom.

About a year ago, I discovered that the bathrooms were cooled much better than the rest of the floor. My office, specifically, has a busted thermostat and cannot heat or cool to save its life. So what I do is I go to the bathroom and make like I’m taking a shit. It lets me cool off and the toilet seat cover absorbs some of my sweat. This takes maybe 15-20 minutes or so, basically me killing more of my afternoon off.

Today was different, I didn’t have to kill off time, since I took the afternoon off for my eye appointment. I packed my bag and drove back home to my apartment. It took maybe 20 minutes or so, I must’ve hit every red light on the way. By the time I got in the front door, it was 13:00 and I had an hour to kill before I had to go.

Now the smart thing to do would’ve been to start doing this 1000 word entry. Instead, I fired up YouTube on my desktop and watched a 20 minute video from my subscriptions list while having a small snack. Finishing that up, I still had some more time to kill before leaving at 14:00. So I checked to see what the weekly sale was on PSN and then futzed around on Twitter until I had to go.

The eye appointment wasn’t really that exciting, my prescription didn’t change for the third year in a row. My doctor did say that the astigmatism in my one eye increased a little bit, but she said that they don’t grind lenses for that “small” of an increase. Normally they do the increases in fourths, my increase was an eighth. After doing the peripheral vision test (out of order), I followed the girl out to the main room to pick out some new frames.

Since they didn’t seem to make the same frames that I had on currently, I had to go through the process of picking out new ones, trying them on, and seeing if I like them or not. While I’ve had glasses since I was 15 years old, I really can’t stand wearing them at all. I like wearing glasses that aren’t too big on my face (both directions, up and down), and don’t look terrible. My glasses are to be functional and useful, but I don’t want them to be the focal point of my face.

After trying on a few pairs, I did decide on one to get. While I could’ve ordered the same frames I currently wear (but in a different color), it would’ve taken six weeks and I wasn’t keen on how they’d possibly look. So the girl went to go total things up and I went to go look at the other frames they had on display. Lots of ugly designs, a lot of them geared towards women. I did see a plastic frame that looked like something someone from the 1930’s would wear, and smiled at that.

The girl then came back and went through the price breakdown between before and after my insurance was applied. $230 wasn’t too bad. Since I normally have been changing my glasses because the frames were going every 2 years or so, this is an expense I do not worry about.


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