1000 Words Challenge Recap – 10 August 2016

10 August 2016

Fuck. Its 19:08 and I have no idea what I want to write today for my 1000 words. I just want to quit the challenge and not even bother doing it. Not having mental discipline is way easier. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have such a sense of responsibility and ethics. Sociopaths have it easy. Introverts, not so much.

My department provided lunch today. Catering from a Lebanese place nearby. The kebab beef was marinated perfectly and was very tender. I also had a decent helping of basmati rice (which seemed to have chicken broth on it), some flatbread, hummus, and a few kamala olives. Kept me full pretty much until I got home this evening. I bought a coke from the machine to complete my meal.

It rained for a short while today, and I half expected the clouds to stay until dusk, but they went away around the time I left work. I could go swimming, even if I didn’t need to cool off at all. Had to run a few errands before that though. The first was to get my new membership card from my gym, and the second was to stop by the store for a few things.

Unsurprisingly, when I got to the gym there wasn’t anyone at the counter. I pressed the page button on the phone cradle perched on the edge of the counter and waited. Nothing. I pushed the button again and waited. Nothing. I shrugged mentally, and knowing that I had other things to do – like writing this for instance – figured that I could just come back tomorrow and pick it up. I really only renewed my gym membership for the winter months, since I’ve been using my apartment complex’s fitness center for my current minimal needs. I really need to get back into the swing of lifting weights again. A lot of the issues I’ve been having with my back are being taken care of with those bi-weekly massages I’ve been getting. Switching to someone else that uses more pressure has made a lot of the tightness in my lower back practically evaporate. Sucks that I have to be sore for three or four days following a session before I start to feel better. I’ll just have to be extremely careful with squats. Deadlifts I still think may be out of the question for the time being.

I left the gym and drove over to the nearby Kroger. I needed some knockoff Zyrtec D to help me not to be sneezing all the goddamn time. Also I ran out of 8 hour acetaminophen, and I needed a restock for my medicine cabinet. Since the allergy medicine had some pseudoephedrine in it, I had to take a card up to the pharmacy counter to purchase it. They did the normal scanning my license, since the all-powerful government deems this is the best way to try to keep people from making meth. The only interesting thing I also want to mention was that when I paid with a $20 bill, the pharmacist looked at it strangely. The guy was young, and didn’t recognize the 1993 vintage bill I gave him. I guess he thought it was fake, he flipped it over a few times to look at it, but accepted it. I paid and left the counter. I grabbed a 100 count bottle of the 8 hour acetaminophen and some cough drops and went up to the self-checkout to pay and then leave.

The sun was still out, though behind a wispy cloud. It still looked like I could head down to the pool. I then drove home having to park, yet again, in front of the next building. What a hassle. Gone were the days about a year ago when I’d have a choice spot right by the walkway to the stairs. Now, it’s all about timing and luck. I’ve had bad timing for a while now.

I got my messenger bag out of the back seat, picked up the plastic grocery bag, and went to get my mail. The mailbox is conveniently right by my building, so I didn’t have to make a special trip to pick up or send my mail out. Junk bulk mail. Renewal documents for AAA. Nothing really that important for me to worry about, like bills or something concerning the possible recall action on my Jetta TDI. I walked up the stairs to my apartment and unlocked the door. Stepping inside, and after closing and locking the door, I tossed the ad mailer directly into my recycling bin. Never cared about those weekly ads that I got in the mail. Funny how you don’t even have to buy a Sunday newspaper to get the grocery store ads anymore.

Moving towards the sink, I opened my bag and removed my 1 liter Nalgene water bottle, opening it and dumping the dregs down the drain. Shaking it out, I set it by my unused travel mug and left it open to air out overnight. Placing the grocery bag on the counter, I went clockwise around the island to place my bag on one of my table’s wooden chairs. Pretty much my normal coming home routine so far.

I unbuttoned my polo and walked into my office to fire up my computer so I could sit down and try not to break the chain with this 1000 words challenge. The good thing about this challenge is that the word count shows up in the lower left-hand corner when you’re typing, so you can easily see it. The bad thing about this challenge is that the word count shows up in the lower left-hand corner when you’re typing, taunting you.

“Yeah, that’s only 256 words. Get back at it! Only 744 more words to go, I hope you don’t get writer’s block! Ha ha!”

Fuck you, Microsoft Word’s word count. Even right now I’m only at 980 or so, thinking “what else should I be spamming out onto this electronic page? How do those writers do this every day? I really don’t want to fail the challenge though…”

And 1020. Screw you, word count.


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