1000 Words Challenge Recap – 12 August 2016

12 August 2016

It seems I’m going to start to do today’s 1000 words here at work. It’s 15:03 and for the most part, I’m just killing time until 16:00. Now you might think I’m slacking off (and you would be correct), but everything that I needed to get done today all got done before I left for lunch at 11:25. While I’m not dumb enough to save this to my work computer, I’ll type what I can here in a Word document and then copy and paste the draft into an unsent email and move it later when I get home to my desktop.

The temperature wasn’t that high today, though with the heat index it felt like over 100. Normally during the summer months, the cafeteria has the “Grill” station moved outside and they do their made-to-order cooking out there. Today, they were inside and you could tell why when you stepped out the door and onto the patio seating area.

I was thinking that the after-lunch walk would be inside, but because the sun was behind a thick set of clouds for a while, the heat went down. Lulled into this sense of false security, a coworker and myself went to the walking path, hoping that the sun wouldn’t come out. Unfortunately it did, and with a vengeance. By the time we got to the last turn – and also the longest non-shaded portion of the path – we were both sweating. We even stopped a few times under the shade of a few trees to cool off momentarily!

After getting back inside and going up the elevator, I wished my coworker to “have a good weekend” and walked back to my office. I was sticky with sweat and warm. So I did what I normally do, head off to the bathroom to “use” it. Basically, I act like I’m taking a shit but instead just sit there for a little while letting the coolest area on the floor air everything out and cool me down. I browsed Twitter, checked my stats on YouTube and WordPress, and saw if I had any email responses from the jobs I recently applied to. It was another normal day during the summer.

I finished up and walked back to my office. After putting my glasses back on, I grabbed my water bottle and went to go refill it in the canteen. Nobody was there, and no one was heating their (usually) god awful smelling food in the microwave. I filled the water bottle about a third of the way up with ice and then set it under the water tap, and waited for the bottle to fill up. I spun the cap around between my fingers while I waited, taking my time with my movements, stalling to use up more time. Wondering if would be able to fill up the rest of my afternoon with something not-to-difficult and straightforward.

After finding something else to do for a while, which as of this writing is pretty much complete, I figured I might as well start doing my 1000 words. And here I am, 500 or so in the bag. Halfway to the arbitrary daily goal I set for myself. Most likely, I’ll type a few more words and then “save” what I’ve written terrorist dead drop style. I should be able to breeze through the rest when I get home for the evening.

It’s 19:19 right now. I just got back from dinner and heading to Giant Eagle to buy a German grapefruit beer that I like. While it is Friday, I really don’t have the energy to go out. It has been like this for a while now. The thing that really keeps me from going out is that no matter how late I go to bed, my body will wake up between 6:30-7:30 regardless of how tired I am. This right here is worse than a hangover because I end of being completely wiped out from the lack of sleep. I should probably put some drapes up in my bedroom to take care of that, maybe sometime in the future.

As I was driving back, I saw that the road was wet. Looks like a localized shower happened between the time I left to go eat and when I was coming back. I did hear some thunder in the distance when I went for a swim earlier, but that all looked to the north of the city. Big dark grey clouds. Rain clouds. No big deal, that happens a lot here when there are storms. They either go north or south of the city, with my area usually getting hit with a trailing edge of the storm.

Interestingly enough when I came in to put my beer away, I looked on my stove to see a small grasshopper perched on the edge between the stove and the counter. I was more perplexed than shocked, wondering how that little guy got in. Not wanting to kill it, I grabbed a glass out of my cupboard and an open envelope from my counter. I put the glass over the grasshopper and slipped the paper underneath it. The grasshopper got spooked and jumped a few times inside his new glass cage, eventually coming to rest on the paper bottom. I walked over to the sliding glass door to get onto my porch and opened it. I stepped outside and closed the screen behind me.

Now I could’ve been cruel and tossed the grasshopper over the railing, but since he really did nothing to me, I stepped over to my gas grill and removed the glass. Shaking the paper a few times (he had a grip on it), the grasshopper dropped onto the left-handed shelf and just sat there. Having done a good deed, I checked to see if my towel had dried off, and then went back inside. I put the glass with the dirty cups and dropped the envelope next to the other ones.

Then I made a cup of instant decaf coffee and sat down in front of my computer to finish my 1000 words for the day.


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