Observation on the First Debate

I might be one of the few that caught this from the first Presidential debate last night, so I’ll state my observation here.

Throughout the debate I picked up on a trend in how each of the candidates referred to one another. Which as the debate went on seemed more and more odd to me.

Now for the most part Trump usually referred to Hillary as “Secretary Clinton” when talking about her, using her last effective official title as per the usual protocol (eg. Gov. Bush, VP Gore, Sen. Kerry, etc). While he does call her “Crooked” on Twitter, in a public forum he utilized some decorum and gave professional respect to his opponent.

Basic decency and class.

Contrasting that with Hillary, she primarily called Trump “Donald.” No “Mr. Trump” at all. Since he has never held public office and wouldn’t necessarily have a title to be called, you would think that the classy and decent thing to do would be a default to a “Mr.” prefix. Not so much with her.

Whenever Hillary said “Donald” there was scorn and condescension dripping in her voice. The disappointed schoolmarm scolding a child for not doing exactly what she says, right this minute. The nagging wife or girlfriend who can’t stop criticizing her husband or boyfriend about minutia. The brainy know-it-all who sighs everytime they have to explain something to “dummies.”

A tell.

This little tell shows that she has absolutely no “friendly” or professional respect for her opponent, and that she sees Trump as an obstacle in her path to power. An obstacle she diminishes in stature, in her mind, by a “friendly” use of his first name. That “friendliness” though is lessened by the venom underscoring her words.

While I know a lot of people went on about body language last night, I figured I’d throw out this one observation to clue others in on this breech of commonsense decency. You may not like or respect someone, but being polite doesn’t cost you anything.


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