1000 Words Challenge Recap – 13 August 2016

13 August 2016

As per usual on the weekends when I don’t have to set an alarm, I woke up at 7:00. I tried go back to sleep by rolling over, but that didn’t work. Giving up, I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a piss. Having done that I headed out into the main room of my apartment to grab my phone off its charger, and checked to see if my Kindle was done charging also. Still yellow. I must’ve really ran down the battery. I went back into my bedroom and laid back down, browsing Twitter and checking my YouTube stats. Nothing really new. After a while, I got up since I did have some things to do today before 12:00.

Unexpectedly, I got a call yesterday evening from my eye doctor saying that my glasses were in. I’ve never had a turnaround that quickly. I’m not complaining though. They were open until 13:00, so I really had to get most if not all of my recordings done before 11:00 so I could shower and get cleaned up. It was around 7:30 or so when I sat down in front of my computer to record.

First I did the Hearts of Iron IV videos. These are usually the faster of the ones I do, both in recording and uploading. Those went alright, no hiccups or corrupted video files (like last weeks, where I had to do another episode). That series is going well. Once I finished that I fired up Factorio to do the “Build The Wall!” series. While these episodes record fast, the sheer size of them (greater than 1.0 GB) has the upload times well approaching 2 hours apiece. Overall, everything got recorded and queued for upload by 10:30. Not too bad, I think.

I left my computer and went back into my bedroom taking of my shirt and shorts, tossing them into my dirty clothes basket. Grabbing a t-shirt and a pair of boxer briefs, I went into the bathroom to take a shit and shower. I got cleaned up quick, and as another plus the soreness of my back has gone down. Two times last night before going to bed, I felt some knots “pop”. A few more days, and a massage this coming Friday will take care of it permanently, I hope.

After getting dressed, I put on my sneakers, slid my phone and wallet into their respective pockets, and picked up my car keys to go. For some reason I though my eye doctor closed as noon, while not being far away from my apartment, I wanted to get there before then.

As a slight detour, I went by the bank to get some money out of the ATM. I figured that while I was out, I would go have some lunch and then fill up my tank with diesel. Once I had withdrawn the money from my checking account, I drove over to go get my new glasses from the eye doctor.

I walked in and told the receptionist that I was here to pick up my glasses. She motioned me to sit down at the nearby table and would bring them out to me. It didn’t take long for her to return. I took off my old pair and put the new ones on. As always with new lenses, there’s usually a slight “this is odd” effect, which I asked the girl “Did my prescription change? I don’t remember.” She said she would check and told me to meet her up at the counter. After looking through my file, so told me it did slightly, and if I had any problems or needed adjustment to come back in so they could look at it. I said thank you and left.

Just need to get used to the new lenses.

Instead of taking my new glasses off and putting on my sunglasses, I kept them on. The glare wasn’t that bad due to the clouds that have been rolling in for the past two days now. The drive to a nearby Panera wasn’t too taxing, though there was a bit of a “wobble” when I turned my head quickly. I told myself that was just my brain getting used to it, and I could feel a slight headache coming on from the newfound strain. Not a big deal.

I had the Mac & Cheese at Panera, it was alright. I probably won’t get it again though. It was a bit expensive for my liking, $11 for the bowl and a drink. I didn’t even finish all of it, something about the cheese itself turned me off of it. After returning the dishes to the provided bus bin, I went out to my car.

This time I did put on my sunglasses, finding out that the arms of my new glasses wouldn’t fold up flat, so I couldn’t use that built-in holder in my car to store them. Looks like I’ll be using the case they gave me after all, but permanently in my car. I need to remember to take it with me when necessary.

I still had to get diesel. The information my car was displaying was that I only had 70 miles left to drive in the tank, at the present rate of consumption. While this wasn’t a big deal, I try not to drive my car such that the “low fuel” light ever comes on. I drove to one of the two local Krogers that have both a gas station and offer diesel to go fill up. I ended up filling up with a little over 12 gallons of diesel, which should tide me over until the end of the month to the refill before I head up to Buffalo for Labor Day weekend.

The clouds looked ominous, and it really looked like it wanted to rain. The humidity was high enough.

Not worrying about the possibility of rain, I drove home to take care of some laundry and do some more note taking for the project I’m working on.

It did rain later that afternoon, around 15:00.


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