1000 Words Challenge Recap – 14 August 2016

14 August 2016

This morning after I got back from breakfast and grocery shopping, I wrote a blogpost responding to a comment that was left on my podcast’s YouTube video concerning a book review I did. I guess this is a good sign that I’m getting back into the swing of writing because I had an idea of what I was going to write about immediately when I read the comment. I pushed the idea to the back of my mind while I was eating and shopping, recalling it when I got back home. Go personal challenges!

Since this “technically” counts towards my 1000 words, I’m copy/pasting it here and removing the quotes from the comment.

It went as follows:

An Interesting Comment

I recently got an interesting comment on my podcast review of Aaron Clarey’s “The Curse of the High IQ”:


While kind of ramble-ly (paragraphs!), I have three points of contention with it.


One, if you think you’re “persecuted” or “stifled” by others due to being smart/intelligent, you have more pressing and internally focused problems to deal with instead of the “will of the masses”. By the literal definition, you’re focusing and trying to change an uncontrollable external, which is the quickest way to despair and anger. That isn’t a way to live one’s life.


Two, this is more of a continuance from my first point. Is it sometimes difficult to deal with those who are less smart than you are? Absolutely. However, you still have to have the maturity and develop the necessary social graces to be able to go out in the world and live life. Sitting down and crying “Woe is me! The world is unfair to intelligent people like myself!” is a dodge and a transfer of responsibility to an external (“It’s not my fault!”).

In my own personal experience, the more arrogantly intelligent (and I’ve known a few!) are usually much more difficult to deal with than the so-called “dumb-dumb normies”.

As for the second part of this, there’s a reason why the saying “Patience is a virtue” exists. Not everything will go the way you want it to, and other people will do things that will make you want to tear your hair out and scream in frustration. That’s life. You have to learn deal with it and be patient with others. It’s of no use to yourself or to others to be petulant and sulk in the corner because people aren’t celebrating your brilliance at every turn.


Three, when you’re commenting on something and being honest, you call a spade a spade. You don’t intentionally say “Well, it’s bad, but you should buy it anyways (because I’ll get a commission from it).”

If I review something, I review it based on its standalone merits. Not the author’s previous works. Not his prior prestige. My own personal opinion of the work. If it’s good, I say it’s good; but when it’s bad, I damn well say it’s bad, regardless of who it is.

If something is bad, you say why and then support that with your reasoning. The same goes for when you’re praising something.

I’m no sycophant of anyone, I form my own opinions regardless of whether it’s the “cool” or “popular” thing to believe.

Plus, I’m a Stoic. So why would I be concerned that much with what others think of me when I know for a fact that I have absolutely no control over that? Honesty may make you more enemies, but those who appreciate your candor will respect you more for it, possibly gaining a friend or a colleague in the process.

P.S. If you enjoyed this post why not try out for yourself the challenge I’m currently doing

It was a pretty rainy day today. I got soaked just walking to and from my car while bringing in my groceries. I straight up had to take off my shirt and hang it up to dry, since both of the shoulders were soaked through. For a good portion of the day it was like that, heavy rain with occasional thunder, which would stop for a little while, only to start up again. Supposedly there’s a flash flood warning in the area until 20:00 tonight. This makes sense because this summer has been awfully dry and hot. The water would just sluice on the surface instead of being absorbed. I do wonder if the nearby creek has crested its banks?

Other than typing up that blogpost and taking a shower, I did a livestream for about two hours playing Factorio with Bob’s Mods installed. I’ve seen others play through with these mods and figured I try them out for myself. It does take longer to do things with these mods, as the recipes are changed and there are many more components that need to be produced. It’s going to be a slog.

Interestingly enough, I had to quit my game because I installed all the mods except for one. I did find the missing mod and installed it. After restarting the game, and resetting my display name, I got back into playing the game. Not many viewers, there was a maximum of two. But I don’t have a gigantic subscriber base, so that makes sense.

The rest of the afternoon was me folding my laundry and getting things to rights for the coming week. After dinner tonight I’ll run the dishwasher and take out the trash. Hopefully it doesn’t rain when I’m talking the garbage out, I’d rather not have to change clothes again.

Dinner is going to be some hamburgers I’ll be doing on my gas grill. This is the first time this season that I’m actually using it. I had feared that it wouldn’t work since I haven’t used it in more than a year, but it fired right up when I tested it earlier this week. I have to remind myself to be diligent when cooking them so I don’t burn them and make them unappetizing blocks of crunchy charcoal. I’m also looking forward to having hot dog sauce on them.


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