1000 Words Challenge Recap – 16 August 2016

16 August 2016

Tuesday, Tuesday, at least it’s not Monday. I’m not exactly sure what I should be doing for my 1000 words today, only knowing that I’m going to somehow hack through it and talk about my boring as-per-usual day.

Things were fine at work. I came in and checked to see if there were any emails that needed my attention (two deletions). Following that I picked up a few things to do later on to keep me “occupied”. It was a normal morning so far. I drank my coffee and browsed all the internet stuff I had on my phone. Email. Twitter. WordPress. Facebook. JPL’s Space Images. YouTube Stats. And finally YouTube. Seeing that there wasn’t anything I really wanted to watch on my subscriptions, I swiped over to “Watch Later” and resumed a 100% speedrun of Final Fantasy VIII I started a few days ago. The whole video is over 11 hours long, so I’ve been doing a chunk here and there, even skipping to the next “event” based on the “benchmarks” list on the side. It’s interesting to watch, and kind of makes me want to fire up my “Disc One Lionheart” save on FFVIII and play it. Probably not, but it is a possibility for another rainy day.

That basically ate up about 45 minutes. I then buckled down and did some work for a while, only taking a break to go use the toilet for my daily dump. Since there was not much more work to do if I did finish the stuff I had, I took my time, as usual. Do some work, browse Twitter. Do some more work, check my RSS reader and read for a bit. Do some more work, check my non-work email. Basically, doing the same routine I’ve been doing for the past few years.

Since I know exactly how much effort to put in to get the results I want objective-wise, I just do that. Over performing my goals won’t (and hasn’t in the past) get me a better raise. They’ve even made our annual reviews almost meaningless because it is now impossible to get higher than “Meets Objectives”. A hard-cap on the maximum merit raise they’ll give you. So why should I stress myself out and fret about things when I know exactly what I need to do to meet those goals? I don’t. Besides, if they were going to fire me, they’d have to really find a reason to do so. As long as I keep my nose clean and my head down, I should be okay. At least until I find a new job (hopefully).

Since it has been raining a lot these past few days, the heat has been knocked down a lot. Once again, I can drive home with my windows open because it’s actually comfortable out for a change. While it did look like it was going to rain again while I was driving home, nothing fell. And as always, I’ve checked to make sure that my windows and sunroof are buttoned up before going inside my apartment. I really miss having a garage and that garage being attached. Maybe I could move to that other apartment complex that had both? But I would need to move again, and moving absolutely sucks. Maybe in the future.

Against my better judgement, I decided to head down to the fitness center to do some cardio on the stationary bike and maybe throw in some other things. I came home and got changed. Adidas shorts, white undershirt, no-show socks, and my Nike running shoes. Reaching in my bag, I got out both my iPod and the earbuds, feeding the cord under my shirt and plugging it into the iPod, which was then put into my left pocket. The earbuds were brought up around my neck from left to right temporarily. I usually don’t put them in until I reach the fitness center (to keep from getting hit by a car in the parking lot).

As I walked there I could feel a few drops of rain hitting me. They were fine drops. It was sprinkling. I brought my right hand up to cover the earbuds to hopefully protect the electronics from the elements. I did not increase my pace though, since there was no hurry. Opening the gate to the pool, I could hear and see a father watching his two kids swimming. It seeming they were trying to get a dip in before the rain came. I myself wondered if I would be going in myself after finishing my workout, deciding against it. Personally, I don’t mind going swimming when it’s cloudy out but the way the clouds looked and the weather report saying “Thunderstorms after 5PM” kind of make me err on the side of caution.

I got to the door and brought my keyfob up to unlock it, as I turned the handle and opened the door, I saw a flash of red moving off to the right. Redhead. If I didn’t beat her to opening it, she was going to open the door for me. I stepped in and she smiled brightly at me. Good sign. I smiled back and walked over to the stationary bike, adjusting the seat and putting my feet in the strapped pedals. Setting the timer for 12 minutes and the level to 4, I began the program.

A few minutes in, and after upping the level to 6, I realized that I should’ve done a little more stretching beforehand. My thighs were burning a bit and I could feel my knees slightly. Oh well. I wasn’t going crazy with pace, it looked like I was doing a consistent 79-82 RPM even when I bumped the level up. The time passed and I remember why I hate doing machine cardio so much: it’s boring. At least when I used to ride my bike around the block when I was a kid, there was a change of scenery, here, the wall and the digital display.

After finishing that I wiped off the seat and handles for the next person. Once I threw the cloth away, I stretched my arms and chest a bit so I could do some pushups. I did two sets. The first set I topped out at 32 before losing the ability to raise myself up. The second set I barely made it to 12. I tried dropping to my knees, but that didn’t help, so I finished. And because I didn’t think I was done punishing myself, I grabbed the 25 pound dumbbells off the rack to do 3 sets of shrugs. Those went fine, and I did start to feel the burn from that in the middle of the second set. A good pump. I ended with some tricep pulldowns to make up for not working them yesterday.

I finished up at about the same time Redhead did, and we walked back to our buildings while talking. We talked about the weather, swimming, and her being busy (and out of town) with family stuff. I really don’t know where I stand with her at the moment, but she’s talking with me when we see each other and also the warm smile I mentioned above. I think she’s interested but just not ready to actually go further yet.

Fortune will spin her wheel when the time comes.


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