1000 Words Challenge Recap – 17 August 2016

17 August 2016

15:13. I’m starting to write today’s 1000 words early again, since I have to do my podcast tonight. To be honest, I’m really starting to look at my podcast as a hassle. I guess it’s because I really don’t go and specifically find things to talk about. The last month or so of them were just me talking about my day and week. And it looks like my 1000 words challenge is taking the place of that. Maybe I should shift to doing a “live” version on Friday night? I don’t know. It’s a lot of work for pretty much no return; my Let’s Plays make more money than the podcasts do by a longshot. I might suspend it or switch over to a biweekly or once-a-month show. At least then I would, in theory, have more to talk about. I also wouldn’t have to worry about having a show ready and scheduled for when I’m out of town. I don’t know.

Unsurprising to me, I’m slightly sore from the workout I did yesterday evening. Though a possible plus is that using the stationary bike has helped to stretch out my back slightly. I’m not as stiff as I was on Saturday. I don’t have a massage until next week, so I’ll have to work through this until I can have the knots taken away. For some reason, I scheduled the massage three weeks out instead of two. I was expecting to go this Friday, only to check my phone calendar to see that it’s next week. I must’ve been out of it more than usual when the girl asked me when I wanted to reschedule. It sucks that I really can’t do squats or deadlifts without my back tweaking. It was nice when I was doing the Stronglifts program I could see the increase in weight I was hoisting over time. The strength increases were great too. For the future with my fitness I’ll have to be extremely careful in what and how I do things. I really don’t want any permanent damage or injuries.

This morning I bit the bullet and started to put pomade back in my hair to control it. At the moment I have two choices; either I go get a haircut (buzz), or grow my hair back out so I actually have curls. The last few weeks I’ve been getting permanent bedhead because my hair thinks it’s long enough to curl. I’ve tried to push it straight for the most part, but it doesn’t help that I get a “point” on the top of my head and cowlicks after drying my hair off in the morning. Having straight hair would have made my life a lot easier. Less maintenance, less worrying about split ends, less money spent on hair products, and less caring about how my product-controlled curls will be fucked up when I take my shirt off or put a hat on. I might grow them out for a little while, and then probably buzz them off like I usually do.

18:33. Just finished recording and editing the podcast. As I wait for it to render, I’m going to bang out the last 500 words I need for today. In today’s episode I gave an update on this challenge and then went into a cautionary rant about being wary of those who completely shit on or disdain their hometowns. It was a decent twenty minute or so episode.

I always seem to find that the editing always takes the longest to do. All the starts and stops, the clicks and drags, and the hitting of the “delete” key seem to stretch it longer than the episode itself. Actually it does, since I do listen to the full episode in order to edit it. But even on the short episodes it seems to take forever. I always bitch about the editing, and if I was a better speaker I wouldn’t have to go through and edit out the pauses, snaps, and unnecessary “uhms” and “ya knows.” I’ve gotten better since I’ve started doing it almost 2 years ago.

At least by the time I finish typing this, the video for YouTube will be ready for upload and I can go through the process of writing the text for the blog, YouTube, and Soundcloud. I do pray that in the future I don’t have to upload this to any more places because it’s a pain in the ass.

In the midst of typing this, the video for YouTube finished rendering. So I set up the upload for YouTube and created the blogpost for the episode itself. A bunch of copy/pasting later, everything is all set and ready to go on Friday. Soundcloud has to be manual because they don’t have a scheduling feature, so I’ll have to log in tomorrow night and make it public by my own hand. That really is one feature I will Soundcloud would add, and add soon. It would make things a lot easier in the long run. Maybe I’ll even spring for the “Pro Unlimited” plan so I don’t have to keep track of how much space I have left in minutes. That’s maybe a “Year 3” thing to consider.

It is funny watching which file has priority when uploading. For some reason, the smaller mp3 file takes longer when a video is being uploaded at the same time. I know my upload speed is ~2.0 Mbps, so there should be space to go around, but who knows. With the crappy Time Warner Cable internet I have – and was my only option in my apartment – at least it’s going through. No more of the “Your Internet Connection Has Stopped” nonsense I had when I was living in North Carolina and had RoadRunner. God that was a pain in the ass. Normal Internet browsing was okay, but as soon as I started to use Netflix’s streaming service (new in 2007), and began to watch a movie, the thing couldn’t buffer enough to save its life.


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