1000 Words Challenge Recap – 18 August 2016

18 August 2016

15:27. At the moment, I’m doing my usual “look like I’m busy for the last 45 to 30 minutes of the day” spiel. I figured I might as well get started for the day. Unfortunately, I’m now typing terrorist dead-drop style on an unsent email draft. For some reason, Word on my work computer isn’t opening, it kept getting hung up on the “Starting…” box. I don’t know. It’s not like I save my work there and email the drafts to myself, like an idiot.

For office culture survival, remember two things:

1. Never use your work email or internal IM programs to send personal stuff.

Since literally everything you send through your work’s network will be recorded and cached, never ever send anything compromising or possibly damaging through it. No talking about “getting shitfaced yesterday night and coming in hungover” to your buddy or creeping on the cute intern via IM. It’s a bad idea, and don’t be surprised if you get a sexual harassment suit or be dismissed for violating some part of “a misusing company assets policy”. Use your own email (browser/phone) to take care of things.

2. Don’t date your coworkers.

Especially when they’re in your department/floor. It’s a bad idea all around. Worse-case scenario is you get fired because your ex became vindictive (sexual harassment or hostile work environment). A slightly better – but still bad – scenario is the extremely awkward moments you’ll come across doing day-to-day stuff. It ain’t worth your career to dip your pen in the company ink. Go fishing in other waters.

19:13. I should’ve typed more while I was at work. Now I’m just scrambling to get to my quota because not much happens around these parts. That feels so lazy though. “Write about a bunch of boring bullshit to get to 1000 words, wipe hands, and call it a day.” I don’t know. There have been ways to make the monotony of my boring days seem more interesting, but I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep it up with confidence. For stuff to happen, during the week is a wash. Weekends are more likely for new things, but even then; I don’t know.

Might as well get back to the boring stuff.

I went to Kroger after work because I noticed that my shower drain was slow. I couldn’t tell if there was just a clump of my own hair I could remove from the drain because the drain plug for some reason wouldn’t unscrew properly to be removed. You could hear that there was a block, but things still could flow, albeit slowly. Anyways, I went into the store taking off my sunglasses and hanging them from my collar. Good thing my prescription isn’t that bad so I could still see without my glasses being on. After getting to the cleaning supplies aisle, I looked for the drain cleaners. They were on the bottom shelf. I was specifically looking for a clog cleaner that specifically dealt with hair. There was only one, a Liquid Plumbr one. It was my only option, so I took it up to the self-checkout, paid, and then left.

This morning the connecting road finally opened, so I drove my car to that closer route home and waited for the light to turn green. I made the turn and drove down the empty street, glad that my morning and evening commutes would be a little bit shorter. Even getting places in the future will be easier, instead of having to drive from the end of a dead-end street to get to the main road. Took them way too long to finish this connection, in my opinion. The time savings will be worth it though.

After getting back inside my apartment, I set the grocery bag containing the drain clearer on the counter and took out my water bottle and travel coffee mug. I dumped out the remaining water from the water bottle and shook it off over the sink. I made a mental note to put the dishes sitting there into the dishwasher after I ate dinner. For my coffee mug, I just removed the lid and rinsed out the inside and underneath the lid. After shaking that out too, I placed the mug and the water bottle next to my coffee maker for tomorrow. With that done, I put my bag on my normal chair and put the few pennies I had in my pocket into the small piggy bank on my counter. I took off my glasses and put them on the end table.

Once I took off my watch and rings, and put my keys, wallet, and pen on my dresser, I went to retrieve the grocery bag on my counter. Looking at the directions I read:

“Pour the whole bottle down the drain”
“Wait 15 minutes”
“Rinse/Flush with hot water”

Easy enough.

I pushed back the shower curtain and folded the tubmat over and away from the drain. As a precaution for fumes, I turned on the exhaust fan. Based on my reading of the ingredients, the ones that were listed, I figured there really wouldn’t be any. But, I always remember, “Be Prepared.” I unscrewed the cap and pulled back the underlying seal, getting a small blob of the stuff on my fingers. It didn’t burn, so that was a good sign. I slowly poured the heavy liquid down the drain, eventually overflowing it slightly and leaving a small pool surrounding the drainplug.

The stuff was so viscous that it just didn’t seem to empty out. Went it got down to a thin stream, I deemed that as “empty” and recapped the bottle. I headed back out to my kitchen and set the timer for 15 minutes. Now I had to wait. I tossed the “empty” bottle into my recycling bin and went back into the bathroom to wash my hands.

To kill time I watched a part of a video from one of my YouTube subscriptions, being interrupted midway to go flush the drain with hot water. Until the fluid got diluted by the water, I saw a bit of a backup into my tub. I did start and stop the water a few times to let the stuff drain out. Overall, the slowness of my drain was remedied.


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