1000 Words Challenge Recap – 19 August 2016

19 August 2016

Today was long as usual. It didn’t help that I went to bed near midnight last night, and had unfulfilling night of sleep. I was wiped for most of the day. My morning coffee helped, but not enough to bring back the “up and at ‘em” attitude.

Surprising to myself, I was able to get myself out of bed at 6:18. I wanted to shave and knew I needed to get up sooner to allow for the extra time it takes. I even hit the snooze alarm again when it went off. After giving myself an internal slap, I rolled out of bed to take a shower and get dressed. At least when I shaved this morning, I didn’t need to use my styptic pencil on any cuts. I still put the post-shave balm on to soothe any possible razor burn or irritation.

Drove to work once again taking the connecting road. It’s so convenient now that there are two ways for me to get home or go places. It will, and already has, cut down on driving time significantly. I’ll have to test on Monday evening if going on a more “congested” way home is faster or not than going the “new” normal way home. The difference between the two is maybe 3 traffic lights.

In the mail today, I got a letter and a packet from Volkswagen explaining the settlement that they have to pay as a result of losing the court case against the government. Basically, it works out to either two options for me. One, I keep my car and they install a fix for the emissions system, also I get a check of a certain amount of money. Two, I trade in my car where that certain amount of money is added to the bluebook value of the car on trade-in. Personally, I’m going with the first option. The car runs great and I don’t want another car payment for 5-6 years. Besides, with my previous car it was practically falling apart when it had 80,000 miles on it. Fuck General Motors, and fuck their shitty, designed to fall apart after three years, poorly made cars. I know for a fact that I will never, ever buy GM again after the bullshit my previous car put me through (and that was with me taking really good care of it).

Looks like the weekend is going to be crappy again. Thunderstorms. I probably shouldn’t have a problem with getting my videos all set and ready for the coming week. Though with me going to be away for Labor Day weekend, I do need to start pushing ahead. Or I could not. I’ve taken breaks before. It’s not like I have a bunch of angry fans emailing me, “where are the videos?!?” I’ll survive.

471 words. God this is really starting to grate on me. It does feel like, and is, a chore to get through on a daily basis. And since I usually sit down and bang these out in one sitting, the time where I could be doing other things gets lost to this. At least I’m not typing “fuck this” over and over again. I am tempted though. This challenge does show that you can in fact write 1000 words per day, and in my case literally about non-events. Now imagine if you had a ton of adventures or interesting happenings? You’d have no problem with hitting that goal every day. Since this takes the place of a daily diary entry, it does have the added benefits of from my previous writing challenge. Though that blue light on the monitor does mess things up. I probably should install F.lux again, maybe.

Went down to the fitness center after work to try to do something constructive. Did 15 minutes (18 with cooldown) on the stationary bike, followed by a set of dips, hammer curls with 20 lbs dumbbells, and then cable tricep pulldowns. Nothing really fancy to be honest. I really need to get back into the habit of working out regularly again. I just need the routine. More “don’t break the chain” type stuff. Willpower stuff that most days I lack. Let’s face it, I’m lazy and most days I’m tired mentally. The last thing I want to do is curl weights, do pushups, run, bike, do dips, or any real physical activity. Swimming does help me do some cardio stuff with me making sure I can clear an entire length of the pool underwater (fast and medium speed). But when I finish doing that, I either float on my back or sit on the pool steps. And once I get tired of that or my fingers prune, I get out to dry off by sunbathing and reading a book. Which again, takes time.

It’s now 21:01, on most normal nights I’m already done with this and probably futzing around doing something else. Reading. Video games. Browsing Twitter. Netflix. YouTube. I still have 170 more words to write at this moment and I’m struggling to find things to talk about.

I did see Redhead by the pool when I was there, but didn’t bother her because she was deeply engrossed in a book with a ball cap pulled low over her eyes. I’m not sure where I stand with this girl. I really don’t know what to think. A lot of Manosphere and Red Pill advice says one thing, but a lot of time reality is a lot more nuanced than the black/white mentality of both those circles. Just have to remember to not be needy and that I have cojones. Personally, I would really like things to work out with her, she seems like a girl I would like to get to know better and later date (and yes, in case you’re wondering, she’s in amazing shape and is very cute). Just have to play it one day at a time.

Oh look, it seems with the ending of this sentence, I’ll have hit my goal. Funny how that always seems to work out, even with all my kvetching.


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