1000 Words Challenge Recap – 20 August 2016

20 August 2016

Probably the only thing I accomplished today was that I have recorded all the Hearts of Iron IV episodes out for the next three weeks. It was do them this weekend or next, either way I’ve have to sit down and bang out the episodes to cover. It’s not like I’m away for an entire week, but I record on Saturday and Sunday. I can’t record when I’m not at my desktop.

The Germany series is going well. The “historical” World War II is wrapping up, once I steamroll Canada that war should be done with. Interestingly, the long non-aggression pact I had with the Soviets got nullified and they attacked the Japanese. Being the Japs are my ally and in my faction, they asked for my help, which I accepted. While I have prepared for a war with Russia, I wanted to end the one with the Allies before ridding the world of Communism. Best laid plans, right? I think the series will probably wrap up somewhere in the upper 30’s or lower 40’s episode-wise. I’m probably going to do a USA playthrough next. From what I remember from me messing about when I first got the game, the USA’s beginnings are slow. No army. No manpower. No factories. No political power. It’s a very long start.

After getting those videos recorded, uploaded, described, named, and tagged, I took a shower. What I really wanted to do today was to shop for a birthday present for my niece, [Redacted]. I was thinking about getting her a book of fairy tales, so I went to one of the nearby Barnes and Nobles to go see if such a thing existed.

As I drove over the sunny skies I was greeted to when I went out from my apartment dimmed with the dark clouds rolling in from the west. The weather report said rain, when it would rain though, it didn’t say. I figured it would start up a little later in the afternoon and that I wouldn’t get caught in it at all.

It was still hot and stagnant out. There was a slight breeze, but was warm air, so it wasn’t refreshing. I drove with my windows up and the air conditioning blasting. I really hated having to do that, not getting fresh air, but Columbus seems to deem it necessary to not allow you to drive around with your windows down comfortably for almost two months out of the year.

I walked around BN for a little while before going back to the Children’s section to look around. After seeing a few prospects for gifts, I weighed my options about it. I wasn’t sure if that would be a good gift. Since they live in [State], anything I buy for her would have to be shipped. I left the section undecided and browsed through a few other sections before leaving to go home.

A couple drops of rain fell on my car as I was driving and I made doubly sure that my windows and sunroof were buttoned up. About an hour or so after getting home, the heavens opened up. The past few times it has rained here have been thunderstorms, which all seem to be of the same type. The wind will pick up and the rain will come down heavily for 15 to 20 minutes, and then stop. Occasionally there will be a few rumbles of thunder, but nothing sustained for a longer period of time. I was sitting on my couch playing Final Fantasy VIII. It had gotten so dark out that I had to turn on a light for a little while.

The rest of the afternoon was just me dicking around. I changed my mind twice about going to Mass, deciding to not go for the second week in a row. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m beat. There’s no real motivation for me to go and do stuff, since a lot of things are taken care of or not that important. I probably need some new thing to do as a bit of motivation. I don’t know. It always seems that the weekends slip away, and I wonder what the hell I was doing. Next thing you know, it’s Monday morning and I’m hitting the snooze alarm for the first time at 5:51. I need a real vacation.

I’m running out of things to talk about at the moment. I have to go and fold the sheets I took out of the dryer earlier, and also fold the clothes that are currently in the dryer. Things to do. It’s not like I’m going out anyways. I haven’t had the desire to do so in a long time. It really got boring after a while, and coupled with all the false-starts and flakes I had with the numbers I got, discouragement. The whole social circle thing down here is tough to penetrate, especially when you’re an outsider who goes out solo. People look at you funny. I remember one girl telling me, “Wow, you’re really brave for going out by yourself. I couldn’t do that!” That’s how odd it is to people down here about going out solo. If my workplace actually had people my age in it, I wouldn’t have this problem. But as I’ve said on my podcast, up until just a few years ago, I was a statistical outlier if you plotted the points as a distribution. Quite literally, every person in my department was finishing up their Ph.D. or first post-doc when I was starting high school.

How do you relate to that? Age-wise I’m an outsider there, and because of the temperament of people there, isolated because no one talks to each other. At least ¾ of my workgroup eats lunch at their desks! You can see why I really don’t enjoy heading out to work in the morning. And while this job has allowed me to buy (and pay off) a new car, buy (and then sell) a condo, and reach a level of money in the bank where I don’t have to meticulously watch my checking account; it’s not what I imagined myself doing when I went into the first day of CHE105 back in August 2002.

I need a change, desperately.


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