1000 Words Challenge Recap – 22 August 2016

22 August 2016

It was an awful morning for me to get up. Even though I told myself I’d try to get to bed earlier, my handy clock radio in my bedroom always seemed to be flashing 23:30 every time I turned off my lamp. No dreams that I can remember, just the “snap” of the radio alarm turning on at 5:51. While I knew I had to shave this morning, I didn’t get out of bed until 6:27. I felt terrible. Tired, slightly clammy, and debating on calling in “sick.” I willed myself out of bed and dragged myself over to the dresser to get my shirt for the day. After making a choice, I stripped, folded up my sleep shorts, and walked into the bathroom, grabbing a pair of boxers and a wifebeater from their respective stacks.

I tossed the clothes to the left of the sink and looked at myself. I saw slight bags under my eyes, an overall tired face. I reminded myself that today would be a “quick shower” because I did want to get going by 7:00. Usually this doesn’t work out since I really enjoy being woken up by the hot water falling down on me.

For a change, the water was actually too hot, so I had to turn it down. I washed my hair and then rinsed, stepping out of the spray towards my washcloth and the soap. Picking up both, I then worked up lather on the washcloth and began washing myself. Every so often I’d have to stop and work up some more lather because my bar of soap was starting to wear down. I even had to rewash my face because I could still feel some oil on my nose.

Turning off the shower, I stepped out onto my tubmat and reached for my towel. I dried myself off, neglecting my hair. Since it was long enough to begin curling, I’ve begun to put pomade in it again for control. Over the years, I’ve found that keeping my hair wet and drying it right before I dress allowed for the pomade to be worked through easier and the mussing I do as a part of “styling.” It was a normal morning so far.

I did drop one of the knockoff Kroger brand Zyrtec D I take into the sink, getting it wet. Not enjoying the possibility of swallowing said pill, I scooped it out from near the drain and tossed it in the garbage. A quick few snips with the grooming scissors I had opened a fresh pill for me to take.

After making sure I was dry, I put on my boxers and then made sure my armpits were also dry before putting on deodorant. After drying my hair, I donned my wifebeater followed by my polo, making sure that I didn’t transfer the deodorant to my shirt. While deodorant marks would usually go away shortly, I really didn’t like getting them on my shirt: it seemed sloppy to me.

Once that was done, I got a pea-sized bit of pomade out of the almost empty jar and began to work it through my hair. I really liked the smell of this stuff, in addition to it not being that greasy and a decent hold. Satisfied that my hair was the way I wanted it, I hung up my towel and walked out of the bathroom, shutting off the exhaust fan and light at the same time. I dressed as normal and went out to my main room to open the blinds and then eat breakfast.

I made sure that I had the three and a half scoops of coffee in the basket before pouring the water in the top of my Bunn coffeemaker. As that was dripping I opened the fridge, and after putting the coffee back on the top shelf, selected the two Greek yogurts I normally have for breakfast. Today’s yogurts were: strawberry (blended) and cucumber/blueberry (those weird ones then have now where the fruit is in a whole separate cup instead of being on the bottom). I ate the strawberry one first since I knew what I was getting with that. With the cucumber/blueberry one, I had to get a teaspoon out of the drawer to spoon out the fruit mixture onto the yogurt side and mix it. Surprisingly it wasn’t that bad. Sweet from the blueberries, and the watery tang from the cucumbers. I put cream in my travel mug and poured the now ready coffee on top to mix it. “The cream goes in first,” as the saying goes. While that was “mixing” I packed my bag with my water bottle, morning and afternoon snacks, and put on my name badge. I buckled my bag shut. Before shouldering it, I disconnected my phone from the charger and put in in my pocket next to my pen. Grabbing my bag and my coffee, I went out the door to go to work.

18:38. I’m starting to come around to the belief that bodyweight exercises actually build more muscle than lifting weights. Just doing two sets of dips and two sets of angled pushups have left me more “tired” than I have ever been from benching or squatting. Even with doing regular pushups, I’ve seen more progress that remains even when I’ve taken long breaks from working out. Halfbreed was right that the bodyweight stuff builds denser muscle. It does feel more functional at least. I do remember a few times in High School where I knew someone that could bench ~200 lbs, yet couldn’t do any more than a few pushups at a time. Don’t get me wrong, I still lift weights but I’ve personally noticed that a lot of the gains you make from bodyweight stuff persist, with the added benefit of not getting “musclebound.”

Dinner tonight was a leftover hamburger from yesterday. I didn’t feel like waiting for my oven to heat up to add potatoes (tater tots) to my meal, so only the burger. Dessert was an ice cream bar. I’m running out of things to write about, and I want to get to my “Lunedi Live” livestream for the week.

Oh, and look, I hit my word goal.


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