1000 Words Challenge Recap – 26 August 2016

26 August 2016

14:44. Surprisingly, today went by quickly. I actually had work to do for most of the day, and actually got through a lot. That made what I expected to be a normal, slowly dragging Friday into one where I looked up in surprise at the time that passed. Too bad all the days aren’t like this.

It was pretty damn hot out again, with the humidity being up there too. It was so hot that I took my after-lunch walk inside the building on the long path between the buildings. I did about 4 laps and then headed back up to my desk for the afternoon. I’m glad I didn’t walk outside today, since I probably would’ve had to “cool off” for a long time due to the heat.

It looks like this weekend is going to be more of the same, weather-wise. Hot and sunny, good pool weather depending on the strength of the sun. It’s no use to go down to the pool, roast in the sun, and be uncomfortable. I already have a decent tan that I worked on in late May and early June, so it’s not like I need to be any darker than I already am. And believe me, there is a startling difference in tone between my arms and what my swimsuit covers! The tan should start to fade once the weather starts getting colder, but I’ll permanently have that glaring tone shift below my waist and mid-thigh up. Ah, the wonders of having Mediterranean skin!

I do have a massage later this evening, so I’m debating on whether to go for a swim or not after work. I’m leaning towards going because it’ll give me a chance to cool off for the evening and maybe get some reading done in the process. Normally, Friday evening is a gym/workout day, but since I don’t want to go into the massage with more soreness than I already have, I skip it. Which is fine anyways, my body can use a rest for another day.

What was strange was that I scheduled out three weeks for my next massage instead of two. I must’ve not been paying attention when the girl made my next appointment, she misheard me and thought I said “two weeks,” or the guy I see wasn’t available that day. To be honest, I don’t remember at all. I come out of a massage half-asleep and partially sore anyways, so I’m kind of out of it when I schedule my next appointment. I think I usually say less than twenty words when scheduling, mostly monosyllables.

Tonight’s massage is going to be a bitch to get through, due to the three week gap and because I tweaked a muscle two weeks ago while doing concentration curls. Ideally, a massage is all relaxation and gently getting rid of tension and knots in your muscles. In reality, and because I get deep tissue massages, it’s an ordeal to get through. An ordeal that you know will be better for you after you complete it, so you endure the pain of having the knotted muscles worked out. Every time I get home from one of these, I take a shower and go right to bed. A few days later, things feel great again, so it’s worth the discomfort and the money.

Recording for my YouTube channel this weekend doesn’t seem that bad. Since I’ll be gone next weekend, I have to record ahead for the week of 5-9 September. The only thing left to do is the six episodes of the Factorio “Build The Wall!” series, so roughly two hours of my time to record. While the episodes themselves only take about 20 or so minutes apiece to record, the upload time to YouTube measures into the 1 hour plus territory. Due to the large amount of “stuff” on the screen at the time, a simple 20 minute episode can be greater than 1 GB in size. Uploading said file, when the best upload speed my current internet gets is 2.0 Mbps, takes anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours to do. Now multiply that number by 3, you can look at a maximum upload time of 4-6 hours. I probably should look into getting an upgrade to my internet speed, but this really only occurs when I record Factorio. EUIV, HOI4, CK2, Victoria 2, Plague Inc; all of these I don’t have to worry about. I usually upload episodes in the background right when I finish recording them, so as I finish the next episode the previous one is processing. This system has suited me well so far.

19:23. I went for a swim after work. The water was refreshing and the sun strong but not unbearable. I did a few lengths underwater for a slight cardio workout and then floated for a bit. Since there wasn’t anything to look at up in the sky, I rolled over and went to the steps by the zero entry to sit and think.

I pondered about my life and how Fortune’s wheel could’ve spun differently. Wondering about all the times where her wheel spun against me. Bad luck. Mala fortuna. Malocchio. St. Michael protect me!

I feel stuck, and while outwardly mobile, trapped. Hemmed in with a job that offers little to no chance for growth or advancement. Hobbled by the lack of jobs in my field, or ones I could possibly get if I had the experience required. Ph.D. required! A glutted market of job-seekers competing for positions that 20 years ago would say “B.S. in Chemistry required”! It doesn’t help that even the scores of jobs I see that are “entry-level”, I get a flat rejection letter from those. Or, as what happened at a company’s job fair I went to a year ago, they told me specifically, “you’re overqualified for this position.” No shit! I can’t get my foot in the door to gain experience when every job I’ve see requires you to have experience in the first place!

That massage is starting to look really good right about now.


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