Bored At Work Diaries – Thanksgiving Week

21 November 2016

For the moment, I’m trying to kill some time before I can leave and go home. While my day went by surprisingly fast, the last hour or so always seems to drag out to infinity. Fiddling about trying to look busy is always a chore, and it’s grating to do day-in and day-out. I shouldn’t complain since my job is relatively easy and straightforward, even if it is repetitive and monotonous.

Speaking of doing nothing, I pretty much did nothing at all over the entire weekend. I just vegged out watching speedruns of FFXIII, Shining Force, and Shining Force II. Coupled with the sudden drop in temperatures over the weekend, it probably was better that I didn’t feel the desire to “head out” and do something. I even ordered a pizza on Saturday and had it delivered, even though I usually go pick it up. Pure laziness on my part. I need a break it seems.

Due to the short workweek, it’s like a ghost town. I haven’t looked, but I’m guessing that the parking lot is less than half full. If I had the extra time, I probably would’ve taken the entire week off. However, that would be a little out of character for me. I usually try to save a few vacation days for “just in case” times. As it stands, I have 2 days left for the rest of the year, which budgets the Monday after Thanksgiving and the 3 days after Christmas.

It’s not like I’m going anywhere special, just my parent’s house in Buffalo. While I might call it “home” it doesn’t feel like “home” since after I moved out in 2006. Having said that, going there allows me to “recharge” a bit, when there isn’t some “run everywhere, see everyone” thing going on. That part is draining. Of course the 5 hour drive is a little daunting too.

Looks like there won’t be any snowstorms hitting my route up to WNY this Thursday, so that’s good. As a precaution I’ll still throw my sleeping bag in my trunk.

On a different note: I hit 100 subscribers over on YouTube, so that’s cool.

22 November 2016

I feel like absolute trash today. Groggy, slow, and a lack of focus. I’m wishing that today will go by quicker so I can go home and crash. I’ll probably even skip today’s run too. It would be much simpler if I just got actually sick instead of this “almost, not quite” nonsense.

It seems that the weather report to the north of Columbus is good for Thanksgiving Day, so I shall be driving up for the weekend. I think there’s only going to be some rain forecast, which I’ll have to deal with while driving through.

Speaking of cars, this morning it was around 28°F and I had to scrape a decent amount of frost off of all my windows. I miss having a garage. Hopefully there won’t be any ice storms this coming winter, since I don’t want a repeat of 2009 when I had to break a layer of ice (from sleet) off my car door to open it. That day was a bitch to drive, if I remember correctly. Goddamn Columbus and their non-existent budget and laughable toy trucks for snow removal!

This right here is me eating up time again. I even had tea a short while ago to give me both a caffeine perk up and some warmth. Now I need to go over to the canteen and rinse out my mug. I’ll get to it in a little bit.

At least these little “diaries” aren’t a part of the 1000 words challenge I was doing. Between when I was doing the challenge in August and now, I’ve done even less.

Things seem to be slowing to a crawl, yet the days go by quickly. Like I mentioned yesterday, my weekend flew by, even with doing practically nothing. I think I’m looking forward to the “break” this coming weekend.

I’m still tired though.


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