Bored At Work Diaries – 8 December 2016

8 December 2016

Back at it again, it seems.

For some reason all the work that’s pertinent to my group dried up by Tuesday, and that’s making me scrounge by doing stuff from another work-group to keep occupied. Very tedious and annoying.

Due to this lack, I’ve been taking my time with all the stuff I do, dragging it out as long as possible. Why bother flying through some easy-to-do stuff when there’s nothing else to do after it? The lack of direction from my manager in a “focus on this after [things] are done” way is telling of the dysfunction of the company. I’m still waiting for the hammer to drop, even with upper management’s “sunshine, lollipops, unicorns, and rainbows” view of the future.

Ideally, I should be writing this directly on my blog but I’m not dumb enough to log into it here at work. While I do have the app on my phone, I find it easier to compose when using a real keyboard and not hunched over a small screen. That and making an edit on a regular computer is much easier.

I’ve been really drained as of late. While I’ve been dreaming when I’ve slept (a good sign), waking up in the morning has me feeling like I should not bother to get out of bed. The past few days I even debated on calling in sick to work, but I manned up and started my day. I’ll bet this lethargy is coupled with my “dealing with work tedium” I’ve mentioned above.

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking the afternoon off. This should give me some more time to get ahead on my recordings for Christmas week or just to veg out with a videogame for the afternoon (I’m revisiting FF13 to possibly “Platinum” the game). Either way, the weekend will be a little bit longer, and hopefully I can recharge my batteries a bit more before returning to the salt mines on Monday.


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