Bored At Work Diaries – 13 December 2016

13 December 2016


It started to snow earlier today, and many of my coworkers are freaking out about the drive home. I swear every year this nonsense happens every time the white stuff begins to fall. My commute home tonight is most likely going to be very slow (even if the roads I will be traveling on will be clear). Not looking forward to that drive at all.

The infrequency snowfall here in Columbus probably feeds into the “freak out” that happens. A dusting occurs overnight, and all the school districts in the county close up for the day due to “weather.” Total BS.

I remember growing up that if my school district actually closed up for snow, it was really bad out. I’m talking blizzard conditions or heavy accumulation (>2 ft). Even after moving away from WNY, I shake my head in disappointment when Columbus, still in the North, acts like they’re North Carolina or Georgia when snow falls. It also doesn’t help the city when most locales, like the City of Columbus proper, don’t plow or salt the roads. I fear ice more so here than when I’m back in Buffalo!

And they get worse weather!

Anyways, due to some BS survey management made us take, we now have to have 30 minute 1-on-1 meetings with our direct manager once a month. Supposedly I was going to talk to mine at 13:30, but he ran over time with the previous person by 20-25 minutes. Unprofessional to say the least. To be honest I was fuming, and I knew these meetings were going to be a waste of my time, but to go over like that? Bad management of both time and the person you’re talking to. I mentioned some bugs I’ve been encountering and was told about when our self-assessments were due. Grand total: 15 minutes.

Overall, a waste of my time.

I came back to my office, finished up what I was doing, and began typing this. Honestly, it does help to pass the time (it’s now 15:30) until I can head home.

Now if I was a less productive person, I’d be working “bell to bell” since I’d most likely be behind on everything. Since I am very productive and know exactly what I have to do to meet my objectives, I can “coast” for the most part. Furthermore, busting my butt won’t get me promoted faster, so why kill myself?


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