Bored At Work Diaries – 20 December 2016

20 December 2016

Oh look, work has dried up once again. Work ahead they said. We’re so far behind they said. You all need to work harder the next couple of weeks.

I click “refresh” in my program, nothing shows up.

I walk by the posted “how are we doing?” graphs, we’re ahead of this year’s goal.

At least this year management didn’t try to pull the “optional extended workdays” bullshit like last year. I declined to do both, since I would’ve sat around for two hours twiddling my thumbs.

It might seem that I’m complaining a lot about how the day seems to crawl, I was actually surprised today that the time passed. Except for that meeting this morning (that ran over time, typical). I’m holding off on doing a piece of work until tomorrow, because I have to parcel out and time-manage like that to keep sane.

Yesterday, I found out that the back coil springs (both of them) on my TDI rusted out near the bottom and broke. Apparently this is a typical and normal thing for my car model. One more repair that gets added to my car’s 90,000 mile service on New Year’s Eve. The car is running great and since I take very good care of it, it looks almost brand new. It pays to take care of the things you own, especially expensive ones.

Even with having a massage this past Friday, I’m still slightly sore. It must be a combination of the weather and me beating the shit out of my body with lifting/running. Maybe if I’m lucky, the girl I go to in Buffalo will be available for a massage. This girl is the standard that I base all masseuses on, so I hope she has a cancellation when I’m in town next week.

Talked to Redhead last Thursday, and I’ll probably see her again tonight in my complex’s fitness center. I’m still talking with her, and she with me, so I guess things are still going alright. It would be nice if her schedule cleared up though (an actual full schedule, not the fake full BS) so I could actually take her out for a drink. Be patient, but don’t lose sleep over it. She’s telling you stuff about her life, letting you in slightly bit-by-bit, another good sign. To be honest, if she had a boyfriend, was seeing someone, or wasn’t interested she would’ve told you so already. Don’t worry. Just be a normal human being and enjoy being in the moment with conversation.


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